Full Moon At Home Retreat

Victoria is in lock-down number 5, and seeing as it is the Full moon I decided to give myself an at home retreat today in-conjunction with my usual full moon ritual.

Still feeling full from dinner last night, I decided to fast the whole day and only have the one meal at the end of the day.

To start the day I went for a brisk walk to take in the fresh air and the morning sunshine, followed by an hour and half of yoga, before showering to cleanse myself for the rest of the day.

Starting with an invocation, I than did some self healing, clearing away any negative energy, blockages and anything else I found.

After I was done I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon in meditation, in between the meditations I made sure to drink plenty of water, and also to move my body with gentle exercises to distribute the energy.

Finishing up at about 5.30 this afternoon with a self massage and grounding exercises.

I had a light meal for dinner, and took stock of how I felt after the day.

I'm feeling refreshed and at the same time sleepy, my mind and emotions where quiet cluttered at the beginning of the day, are now both still and quiet, making it easier for me to hear myself.

My body energetically feels like it has been cleansed under the full force of a waterfall, which is exactly what occurs when working with the energy of a full moon.

Overall I feel more deeply connected with myself and with my surroundings.

Here are the health benefits of taking the opportunity to also give yourself a day retreat.

Reduces stress

Brings in a sense of peace.

Improves your mood.

Focus and creativity improves.

Feeling more balanced and emotionally stable.

Rest of mind, body and spirit.

Helps to reconnect with yourself and loved ones.