Flower Moon

Yes it is the time again, full moon falls on 19 November at 7.57pm ADET.

This month it is the flower moon, and symbolises the union of the feminine and masculine, the ecstasy and passion of their mating dance, as flowers burst into life, trees spring to life with greenery, the winds and rains of Spring, bring forth to blue skies and sun. 

The days continue to grow longer, the days are getting warmer, as we progress through Spring and head into Summer.

The energy of this moon is ripe for completing projects, goals are suddenly within our grasp, and productivity runs high. This is the time to ask yourself the hard questions to make your intentions to materialise.

Take the time with this full moon to journal and plan to create balance with small actionable steps to bring your goals to life. 

This is also a moon about play, love and romance, so also plan to splurge a little and enjoy your time with your loved ones, and spend time in nature.