Emotions and Manifesting

There is one theme that comes up on every show or film that has magic in it, and more precisely when teaching magic, and that is how emotions are the fuel source behind spells.

For example when casting a love spell you want to tap into and pour love into the spell to charge it.

Same to when it comes to manifesting, you can have the best vision board or say affirmations all day everyday, but if there is no feeling behind it, its not going to do anything.

This is because emotions are energy as are spells and manifesting, and energy goes where energy is directed. The number one rule when manifesting is to feel what we want.

Ask yourself do you desire what it is you are trying to manifest?

What does it feel like when you imagine what it is your trying to manifest?

To take it a step further when you imagine being abundant do feel free and happy or do you feel you are lacking?

If its the first than the energy you are sending out matches the energy of abundance and that is what you will attract back. If its the second than you will repeal it away.

So take sometime and really feel into what it is your are trying to manifest and see if it is the negative or positive feeling and if negative have a think about what you need to do to bring it to the more positive to match the energy of what it is you want.