Do Vision-board's really work?

Anyone who has studied the law of attraction would also know about Vision-boards.

They are a board where you share what you want in life to help prompt you to envision yourself with these things in your life.

So, do they really work?

Based on the law of attraction, which has visualization at its centre of the practice. The belief is based on the principle that the more positive thoughts and energy that you put out into the universe the more positive returns you will have. 

A vision-board is a type of visual that displays images that embody your dreams and goals.

How to work with a Vision-board?

Vision-boards are the visual tool that needs to be combined with goal-setting steps.

The thing to remember with vision-boards, just because you put pretty pictures on a board doesn’t mean that the goal will come true.  You do need to take steps each day to reach that goal.

Basically, they act as a secondary agent to help you keep in mind your goals and dreams.

So, for example let’s say goal is to lose weight.

On your board you may have inspirational posts about body image, your goal weight, pictures of an outfit you want to be able to wear.

That is your daily reminder to keep to your goal, however each day you take steps to making the goal become a reality.

You start to eat healthier, you exercise more, join a running group or a gym etc.

Where the board comes in really useful on the days where you feel a bit down or losing focus, by having the board somewhere you will see it everyday will help to keep you focused on the goal.

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