Distant Healings

With the ongoing lock downs here in Melbourne, I thought I'd do a little reminder post today to advise New Hope Wellbeing is still open for distant healings.

How these work depends on the client, as I have clients who like to be on a Zoom call with me while I do the healing and others are happy for me to message them just before I start the healing and they go into a relaxing meditation, and once done I send a quick message to advise and than we have a quick debrief phone call about the healing.

Do distant healings work the same as in person healings?

Yes they do, as energy is energy.  Distant healing works on two principles, the principle of interconnectedness and the principle of directability.

The Principle of Interconnectedness

We are all interconnected due to our etheric or energy bodies are part of the Earth's etheric body, which means that all of our etheric bodies are interconnected meaning that as I sit here in my living room, I can do a Pranic healing or Reiki with you at a distance as we are connected, much like you can sit in you living room and talk to someone on Zoom on the other-side of the world.

The Principle of Directability

Energy will follow where our thoughts and intention is focused. This means as  my intention is focused on conducting a healing the energy will follow my thoughts and conduct the healing as if you where in the room with me.

So what does all this mean?

This means that  even though we are in lockdown, there is no reason not to put your selfcare first and have that Pranic healing, Reiki or Crystal therapy you have been needing, as  even though you can't be in the room with me, I can still provide the same level of care from a distance helping you with your health and wellbeing.