Crystal Pranic Healing

Crystal Pranic Healing, is quite simply Pranic Healing utilising the power and  energy of Crystals.

To know more about Pranic healing please refer to last weeks article on Pranic Healing:

Crystals have a consciousness of their own and combined with the healing energies of a modality such as Pranic Healing can be a very powerful healing tool.

What is Crystal Pranic Healing?  

As stated Crystal Pranic Healing is Pranic healing but combing the energy of crystals together for a more pinpointed healing.

Crystal Pranic Healing mainly uses the healing qualities of Clear and Rose Quartz and Amethyst. 

The use of crystals will make the healing faster and deeper. However, it is best to remember that a crystal is just a tool. Its effectiveness will come down to the skill of The Pranic Healer, just as a surgical knife is  a tool that depends on the skill of the surgeon. 

What can Crystal Pranic Healing help with?

Crystal Pranic Healing can help with but not limited to, headaches, depression, addiction, asthma, back pain, and arthritis.

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