Coping with Lock down Blues

So if you live in Melbourne, than you're like me and experiencing Lock down number four.

Hopefully it is only for the seven days, it's being called a 'circuit breaker' and as Melbourne had one of the longest and hardest lock downs last year in the world, a lot of people are feeling anxious and depressed.

Here are four ways to deal with the Lock down blues.

Keep to a routine

Its very easy to slip out of routine while in lock down, especially if you are working from home, keep to your routine, keep the alarm on, resist the urge to sleep in, keep to your diet and exercise routines. Keeping your routine provides consistency and confidence to face the day.

Media consumption

Watching the news every hour on the hour is overwhelming, and is easy to get lost in the noise between newspapers, news channels, social media. Limit your news time to just 20 mins a day in the middle of the day that way you won't be starting or ending your day on a bad note.

Stay Connected

While spending time by ourselves is healthy, there is a fine line between spending time on your own and isolating yourself. Make sure to call one person once a day, even if its just a quick text message. Staying connected in small simple ways helps isolating yourself to much and keeps you connected with loved ones. 

If your a single who lives on their own, utilise the single friend bubble, and buddy up with another single person living on their own, catch up, grab a take away coffee and sit in a park and talk.

Spend time outdoors

One of the best ways to help improve your mood is to go for a walk. Going for a brisk walk helps to improve your mood, increase energy levels, and is a great way to beat stress and the lock down blues.