Chiron Retrograde

The comet Chiron went retrograde at 0709am this morning 12 July here in Australia (AEST).  So what does this mean for us?

Chiron in Greek Mythology, was one of the Centaurs, he is the son of the Titan Cronus, and the Sea Nymph Philyra.  He lived at the foot of the mountain Pelion in Thessaly.   

As Philyra attempted to elude Cronus, she turned herself into a mare, but Cronus changed himself into a horse and succeeded in mating with her.  The result was Chiron the Centaur, who had the torso of a man with the body and legs of a horse. 

Upon his birth, Philyra was so distressed that she rejected Chiron and pleaded to be changed into anything other than what she was.  The Gods responded by turning her into a linden tree, abandoning Chiron forever.  Apollo later found him, took care of him, and taught him many skills, including the art of healing.

He was the teacher for many Greek heroes including Heracles, Achilles and Jason. Unlike many of the other Centaurs Chiron was peaceful and known for his wisdom and knowledge of medicine.

 Chiron meet his end by a poisoned arrow accidentally shot by Hercules, giving him an incurable wound.  As he was immortal he choose to give away his immortality in favor of Prometheus and was placed among the stars as the constellation Centaurus.

 Why is it important to know Chiron's story?

Chiron is known as the wounded healer, and as such Chiron astrologically speaking is all about our wounded self, or shadow self.  What do I mean by shadow self?

That is the part of ourselves that we think has something wrong with it.  It's that part that ywe hide from others, it is where we feel the most inadequate, it's our abandoned self, where we feel the most self loathing about ourselves.  Its the place where all our trauma sits.

Yes Chiron represents our shadow self.  However Chiron going retrograde is a good thing.  How I hear you ask?

When Chiron is in direct we look for answers outside of ourselves, we seek teachers to teach us, wise ones to guide us, but when Chiron goes retrograde, we look internally for the answers.  We become our own, teacher, healer, wise one.

Yes Chiron in retrograde is a good thing as it is our chance to heal, to release and to let go.

What to look out for.

Look out for any signs or synchronicities you encounter, as they are your guides to healing yourself.

 Pay close attention to people who trigger you, as they are bringing up any of your uncomfortable truths that need to be healed.  As Chiron in is Aries, you can be sure this will hit you head on, in true Aries fashion.

You may find yourself reevaluating old relationships, this is also part of the healing process. Let yourself process, journal this out and allow yourself to feel everything you need to feel.

How to work with the Chiron Retrograde.

Astrologically, you'll need to find where Chiron sits on your natal chart.  Chiron's placement represents the area of your life where a significant wounding or sacrifice will take place.  The House it is placed in will indicate the area of your life in which the wounding will occur and the Sign will show, how you'll respond, and how it can be healed.

Another way to detect what these areas maybe is to have a think about what issues arise when you are helping others.  As Richard Bach wrote "You teach best what you most need to learn." This is simply  as we help others with their issues, we are unaware that this is our wounded projected self. So pay attention to what people are coming to you needing help with.

This is a great time to work with your inner child, resolve the conflicts from your childhood and intern reunite with your inner child as one whole being.

Working with your ancestors to resolve any negative patterns that need to be healed throughout the line.

You can do this through various healing meditations, journaling, art therapy.  Book yourself in for a healing or go to therapy.

Acts of self love and forgiveness of self are amazing ways to work with this energy to heal your shadow self.

The practice of Ho'oponopono is a fantastic technique from Hawaii, in both self love and forgiveness.  It is four phrases that are repeated throughout the day.  However I find it easiest to set aside about 30minutes a day to really give myself over to the words, feelings and emotions.

I start with a bit of journaling, going over the day, making note of anywhere that I felt triggered, than I do some pranic breathing, inhale for 6 seconds hold for 3 seconds exhale for 6 seconds, repeat for at least 7 cycles.  With each breathe I let go of the day and let myself relax.  Than with one hand over my heart and one over my womb. (Males your lower dantian which is just below your belly button.)

Than feeling every word I repeat the following statements focusing on the area I want to heal.

"I'm Sorry."

"Please forgive me."

"Thank you."

"I love you."

As you say each phrase really feel the meaning behind them.

"I'm Sorry." 

Really feel how apologetic you are for feeling this way towards yourself.

"Please forgive me." 

Seek that forgiveness from yourself, let yourself feel those words sincerely from your heart.

"Thank You."

This is all about gratitude, feel how thankful you are to receive the forgiveness.

"I love you."

Really allow yourself to feel the love you have for yourself.


 Happy Chiron Retrograde and much love to you all.