Beltane Celebration

As promised this week I'll go into the mythology of Beltane and share some simple ways to celebrate Beltane this year.

Beltane falls on the 31st of October and 01 of November in the Southern Hemisphere and 30 April and 01 of May in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is where the God and Goddess ensure the fertility of the earth by lying together. The God will quicken the Goddess' womb and the land will flourish under their gentle lovemaking. 

The Great Rite of Beltane is the celebration of youth, love and fun.  This is the time of year when the masculine and feminine unite in creative energies, with Beltane marking the journey of the young God emerging into manhood.  

Awakened by the energies at work in nature, he feels his desire for the Goddess, they fall in love and unite among the grasses and blossoms.

Here are some ways to celebrate this Beltane.

Make a Beltane Bonfire.

Beltane is a fire festival so a bonfire is a must, not everyone has a place to have a bonfire, so a more low key version is a candle bonfire.

Place 13 green candles in a circle with some twigs and blossoms around the base.

Light the candles and breathe deeply and send your awareness into the candle lights, feeling, seeings and sensing the fire burn away all the old unnecessary conditions and stuck energies into the fire light.  Making way for the new to come through with this spring planting season.

Beltane Dance

Beltane is all about joy, wildness, sensuality and sexuality.  So blare your favorite Beltane song that represents this season for you, and dance.

Be as silly and as free as you can, shake your hips and grind your pelvis.  Embrace your sensuality through dance, and laugh Faeries love laughter.

Explore your Sensual pleasure.

Following on from dancing, explore your sensuality further and explore all your senses at their fullest.

Walk barefoot in the grass, anoint your self with some rose or jasmine oil, or another essential oil the touches the romantic in you.  Let yourself indulge in that chocolate cake. 

Make a Faerie offering

Create a circle of stones for the Fae, and inside the circle create a faerie garden.

Place little houses and caves with small outdoor furniture.

Decorate with blossoms, and crystals, and leave offerings of berries for the Fae to enjoy.


Happy Beltane Everyone!