Ancestral Healings

The Ancestors are an important part of our genetic make-up, and we receive a lot from them handed down from generation to generation. Including many physical, mental and emotional beliefs that pass down through the Ancestral line. 

They are a big part of not just the way we look, but how we act, and what we believe and feel.

In many cultures around the world the ancestors are honoured and revered for their wisdom and the paths they have trodden to get us to where we are today.

So what is an Ancestral Healing?

Ancestral healings are healings on your family tree, reaching from the here and now through to the beginning of your line, clearing and removing any blocks, patterns, illnesses and beliefs that can affect every part of a person's life.

These healings help to heal you, your parents, children, grand children and future generations, by energetically transforming patterns and shift your entire ancestral line, removing what no longer is helpful for you and your family.

Why should I consider an Ancestral Healing?

If there are negative patterns that have been passed from parent to child, anything detrimental that you feel has been passed down through your family line, and is something you are wanting to shift, than yes I would consider an Ancestral Healing.

What can an Ancestral Healing help with?

All sorts of issues have be healed through an Ancestral Healing - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - including but not limited to depression, anxiety, alcoholism and addiction.

How does it work?

There are many cultures throughout the world including the Indigenous cultures here in Australia, to the peoples of Asia, across to the Native American cultures of North and South America, who have various ways to do such a healing, I use a combination of Karuna and Crystal Reiki to reach through the ancestral line, asking for the ancestors who are ready to receive healing to step forward, and than connect to the future generation flooding the line with the light of those future generations.  Allowing the light and energy to clear any blockages ready to be cleared from the line.

What happens after the healing?

During the healings itself people can feel quite emotional and may have the need to release such emotions through, crying, laughter or screaming, it is just a release of the energy that needs to be shifted and not to be overly concerned with.  

However after woulds people feel lighter, like the burdens they once carried have been lifted off their shoulders.  They find that things that where once difficult are a lot more easier for them to action or come by.

If you are interested in an ancestral healing please contact us at or call us on 0412 858 406.