Acknowledging the Devil inside your mind

This week saw me having a couple of conversations with a few different people about feeling overwhelmed and how though it doesn't matter how much personal work they do, whether it be inner work or weight loss goals they still can't see the person they are becoming.

In the cartoons it's often depicted as the angel on one shoulder and on the other the devil.

I know for myself even though it has been years since my darkest days there is still a voice that whispers to me sometimes quietly sometime loudly, words such as "Would anyone notice if I disappeared?"

"No one wants you around."

For others the words are about their weight or looks, and for other not being good enough.

No matter the words everyone has that voice and that voice is linked to our shadow self.

Or the devil within us that can lead us down some dark paths throughout our life.

Despite what much of the new age movement says about love and light, the truth is that voice is always there whispering to us.

So how do we manage that voice when it starts to talk loudly?

The first step is to acknowledge that the voice is there.

Acknowledgment is not the same as accepting what its saying to you.  Acknowledgment is the acceptance that the voice exists.

The second step is to look for evidence that what the voice is saying is true. Then look for evidence that what the voice is saying isn't true. 

The third step is to find the trigger in your life that makes the voice louder. What happened during the day to bring those thoughts to the fore, and than find a way for you to see the trigger coming so you can stop the voice from getting loud.

The fourth step is to re-frame the words into a more realistic thought. So taking me thought of would anyone notice if I disappeared, I bring into focus my family and friends who would notice and miss me.

For those thoughts of when I'm looking into the mirror, and all I can see are my flaws I bring into focus the weight I have lost, my increased fitness levels, and the fact I have sustained that weight loss and am the healthiest  I have been since my teenage years.


The last step is to replace the negative self-talk with kind and loving thoughts towards yourself, and on the days this is too hard for for you to do, reach out to the people in your life who will shower you with the love you need so that you can start loving yourself again.