7 Tips for Self-Love

I have just finished watching the documentary from Jesy Nelson of Little Mix, that was released on 12th September 2019. As well as the Taylor Swift documentary Miss Americana released on 23 January 2020  I highly recommend watching both documentaries.

While watching, I noticed a particular theme as I listened to both Jesy talk about being bullied and Taylor about being trained from a young age that happiness came from others approvals, which produced the underlying theme of destroying their self image.

As I watched I contemplated how many people are walking similar pathways, but without the public platform to speak out about such things and possibly feeling helpless in their situations.

Than started thinking about my own journey from teenage years through to my mid 30's now, and wonder why is it so many of us are not taught about the importance of self love?

This is something that is being talked about more and more, and do sincerely hope the new generation will be in a better place as they come into adulthood than so many of us who have come before them.

What is so important about self-love?

Self-love is what gives you the courage to chose the things that will nurture your well-being.  This can be from a healthy diet and exercise routine, to setting boundaries and healthy, loving, supportive relationships in your life.

It is the very thing that will make you choose what is best and good for you and your life, relationships, even your career.

So with this in mind I thought I'd share some tips on how to love yourself more.

Tip 1 - End all toxic relationships.

I'm serious.  You know which of these relationships are toxic, they are the people who continuously put you down, treat you as their doormat, erode away on your self esteem.  These are the people who only feel better about their selves but putting down those around them.  The emotional vampires that quite literally, suck away all your energy so you feel constantly tired when you have spent time with them. 

Tip 2 - Healthy Diet

Treat your body like the temple it is and fuel it with healthy food and drink.  There are many studies that have determined how a healthy diet will impact your mental health for the better.

Tip 3 - Surround yourself with people who love you.

The flip side of number 1 spend your time with people who love and support you, encourage you to be the best version of you, and let you know just how amazing you are.

Tip 4 - Realise beauty can not be defined.

I know media in all its forms will try to tell you what beauty is with their lists of the 100 most beautiful, but this is not true beauty.  True beauty shines from the inside out and is the beauty that never fades, no matter how old you are.  Embrace the things that make you different, for these are also the things that make you special.

Tip 5 - Follow your passion.

Have you ever noticed the light that shines from people when they are discussing something they are truly passionate about?

Allow yourself to get excited about your passion and delve in for this is where you will find your love.

Tip 6 - Learn to say no.

This doesn't make you a bad person.  This shows you have respect for yourself and know when something isn't right for you, or your not allowing yourself to run yourself ragged trying to please everybody.

Tip 7 - Don't always listen to the voice inside your head.

We all have the angel and devil voices inside our head, don't listen to the devil voice, this is the voice that would have you believe the everything negative ever said about you.  Be kind to yourself, recognize the fact your not perfect, none of us are, so long as your treat yourself and everyone else with respect than you are doing enough. 

There are many more tips but for know I will leave you with those ones.  Know that your are loved and treasured and don't forget when you are having a bad day, reach out to your family and friends to help support you through.

Much love to you all.