5 ways to help your body warm itself

Where in the thick of winter now, and if you're anything like me, keeping warm is a struggle.

In fact as I sit here writing this article, I have my heater and thermals on, wrapped in a blanket, following some remedies that I will be covering below.

If you are anything like me blood circulation is a problem so here are five ways to help your body create heat within itself.

1. Root Vegetables

Vegetables like potatoes, beetroot, carrots, turnips and onions, require a lot more energy to digest than other vegetables and as such, while the body is digesting these vegetables, it is producing heat.

2. Nuts

Almonds, cashews, peanuts, and pistachios work by speeding up the metabolism, which increases your body temperature, eventually warming you up.

3. Fruits

High fibre fruits such as apples and pears, are ideal for winter as they make our stomachs work to digest them, and much like root vegetables, our bodies produce heat to digest them.

4. Poultry and eggs

Chicken and eggs, a mainstay in a lot of kitchens, these foods are high in protein, calcium and iron, which yes makes them harder to digest, making the body work harder and produce more heat.

5. Spices

Black pepper, cinnamon, garlic and ginger are natural stimulates that help the body produce heat. A great way to utilise cinnamon and ginger outside of adding it to your cooking, is take a cinnamon stick or slice up some ginger and infuse them with hot water and drink it throughout the day.

The only thing with both ginger and cinnamon is don't drink it into the night as they are both stimulants and can keep you awake.