4 Signs you need to take a mental health day

The  world is a very stressful place to be at the moment, we're living in the times of a pandemic, with constant lock downs, employment and income being lost, relationship breakdowns, and more.

With that peoples mental health is taking a battering. I am a big believer that taking a mental health day is vital to everyone's overall health and well-being.

With that here are 5 signs you need to take a mental health day.

1. You're having trouble keeping focused.

Are you having trouble keeping track of everything? Losing things more than usual? You're thoughts are scattered and you're getting distracted easily?

This can lead you to making mistakes, by taking a day off will help you to regroup and sharpen your thoughts and focus.

2.You're feeling down.

Are you feeling the need to cry more often than usual? Have lost interest in things or just feeling sad?

Take a day out to do something you love and invigorates you, let yourself have a play day, this will help to reboot yourself and make yourself feel good.

3. You're easily triggered.

We're all guilty of getting aggressive or overreacting from time to time, but if you're getting into tussles with family, friends or co-workers for no reason, and you feel constantly on edge, this could be a sign that you are mentally done.

Spend a day away from the office and work and let your nervous body release the tension and relax, whether its a brisk walk, a yoga class or a relaxing massage, but let your body take the opportunity to relax.

4. You've been getting sick easily.

Are you constantly getting the sniffles? 

There is a huge amount of research in regards to the links between stress and illness. This is because stress weakens the physical body making it more susceptible to illness. 

By taking a day and catching up on rest you give your body what it needs to recuperate and boost your immune system back to health.